Rigid-Flex PCB Technology Capabilities

Rigid-Flex PCB Technology Capabilities

Number of Layers of Flexible PCB:   16
Number of Flexible Layers of Rigid-Flex PCB:   34
Number of Total Layers of Rigid-Flex PCB:   48

Minimum thickness of FR4 core board (um):   50
Minimum thickness of Flexible core board (um):   12.5
Minimum copper thickness of Flexible core board (um):   6

Rigid-Flex PCB (4248
Rigid-Flex PCB (4248

Minimum board thickness of two sided flexible board (mm):   0.09
Minimum board thickness of Multi-layer rigid-flexible board (mm):   0.26

Minimum line width and distance (um) – Inlayer (HOZ electroplated copper): 30/30
Minimum line width and distance (um) – Outer layer (HOZ electroplated copper):   50/50

Alignment accuracy (um) 16 layers:   65

Minimum bore hole – Through hole (mm):   0.1
Minimum bore hole –Blind hole (mm):   0.025

PCB with Structure Asymmetric
PCB with Structure Symmetrical

Impedance control:   ±5%
Contour tolerance of flexible PCB (mm):   ±0.05

Surface treatment:   Solder coating, gold plating, silver plating, nickel & palladium plating

HDI:   Random interconnection in 4 steps.

High-speed flex PCB – Dupont TK materials
High-speed flex PCB – LCP materials
Mixed rigid-flex PCB
High-frequency & high-speed rigid-flex PCB
Thick copper rigid-flex board:   6OZ
Radiating rigid-flex PCB

Rigid-Flex PCB (1002)
Rigid-Flex PCB (1002)